Emotions are the chief source
of becoming conscious,
there can be no transforming of lightness into dark,
of empaty into movement without emotions.

Carl Gustav Jung

...At first glance,
my work seems a chaotic mixture of elements,
but a closer look shows that all pieces are being placed
in a specific way to create new thounghts and movements...

Art is always a mirror
of the time and society we are living in.
It's beauty is relative and reflected differently.
That is what makes art unique.

About Me ...

Brigita Huemer was born in Austria on December 8, 1972. Growing up with Austrian-Croatian parents, she rapidly developed an interest in different cultures, photography and fine arts.

Her first drawing exhibitions were in Linz, Austria in 1991 (Design Center) and 1992 (Hypobank, City Hall). After finishing her education in Fashion Design (1988-1993), she moved to Milan and worked as an international model.
This period provided her the opportunity to travel extensively and refine her talent as an artist.
Her work as a model brought her to New York in 1996, where she lived almost for ten years.

In 1999, she began working for the photography agency, Walter Schupfer as an assistant.
Shortly thereafter, she went to work with the photographer Todd Eberle as a studio manager.
Inspired by his work, she decided to go back to school.

Initially, she took some drawing classes at The Art Students League in New York, before enrolling at The School Of Visual Arts in the Department of Fine Arts, from which she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2005. In addition to the School Of Visual Arts, she also studied at the International Center Of Photography.
Today, Brigita Huemer lives and works between Austria and Italy.

Works ...